Manufacturers looking to improve their processes require precise and accessible real-time statistical process control (SPC) data.

But with today’s production lines generating seemingly endless products and myriad data to go with them, real-time data may not be digestible.

Strategic Data Collection

When operators, quality managers and improvement teams become overwhelmed with information, they may miss collection points, or lose time probing for more details. To get more from their manufacturing data, manufacturers must find SPC solutions that use
 efficient real-time data collection strategies at key points in their processes.

To stay on top of process and quality data while staying agile, manufacturers should also collect data just after inputs are converted into outputs. This helps operators to see issues immediately and gives them the chance to fix faulty equipment or settings in short order. This will help them monitor the most critical process steps and will ultimately help them to will wield more control over their processes and better understand their process data, finding in it ways to minimize product defects, waste, scrap, and recalls.

Automated Data Collection

Manufacturers can also get more mileage out of their SPC by automating their data collection, using notifications to keep it on track and uphold best practices. This method makes data collection faster, easier, and more accurate.

Mobile Data Collection

As manufacturing becomes increasingly globalized and software becomes more cloud-based, quality operators and no longer need a static physical presence to oversee quality issues. Making your quality data mobile or finding a real-time SPC solution that provides mobile access, guarantees that operators and quality workers can find data from any location or device.