Trescal, a leader in calibration services, announced the acquisition of Standard Calibration Technology Institute (SCTI) in South Korea, Nordic Service Group (NSG) in Scandinavia, Delta-P Monitoring Technology in Ireland, ASG X-Technologies in Australia, and Integrajaya Calibration Technologies (ICT) in Malaysia. Together, these acquisitions represent €25M in sales. They are the first acquisitions since EQT Infrastructure entered exclusive negotiations to acquire a majority stake in Trescal. 

SCTI is one of South Korea’s top 5 largest independent calibration companies, representing over €10M in sales. Thanks to its 100 employees and its broad scope of accreditation, SCTI provides over 200,000 calibrations per year. Its competence in spectrophotometry will complete Trescal’s capabilities in Korea and beyond. 

NSG operates five facilities throughout Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, allowing Trescal to penetrate the Finnish market. NSG bolsters Trescal’s single source solution for life sciences, notably by providing planned and preventive maintenance services. Its 70 employees generate €10M in sales. 

Delta-P specializes in the life science sector, complementing Trescal’s existing qualification services in Western Europe. Its offer includes cleanroom qualification, HVAC/refrigeration maintenance and HVAC commissioning. It allows Trescal to reach critical size in Ireland with €7M in sales. 

ASG X bolsters Trescal’s capabilities and calibration scopes in pressure, electrical, frequency and time. Its wind tunnel adds a new traceable calibration service for Trescal Australia. Though it operates mainly out of Melbourne, ASG X also has close client relationships in Perth, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane and Tasmania. 

ICT reinforces Trescal’s Malaysian footprint through its presence in Penang. ICT’s expertise in the electrical domain best serves semiconductor manufacturers. 

Guillaume Caroit, Trescal CEO: “As we begin a new chapter with EQT, these five acquisitions position us for excellent strategic growth in 2023 and beyond, particularly in Asia Pacific and the life science sector.” 

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