A lot has been written about ASQ and how members can have their best member experience. We know that the membership experience begins in the local section, where a new member can meet local quality practitioners and benefit from that network. Here I wanted to focus on one aspect of the member experience, and show how ASQ divisions can help enrich that experience.

ASQ has 27 divisions, and the purpose of all of our divisions is to provide a smaller, more dedicated group of like-minded members to share with each other and support each other. Naturally, it is very difficult to engage with 50,000 members of the wider society, but it is much easier to engage with two or three thousand members who have the same interest that you do in statistical methods, measurement science, quality auditing, innovation, etc. Our studies have shown that a positive member experience is related to belonging to and being engaged in the proper division(s) for their individual needs. And of course we know that a positive member experience is directly linked to remaining a member of the society.

In a way, being a member of every division makes you a member of no division.

Currently, I am serving as the chair of the ASQ Quality Management Division, the largest of all ASQ divisions. Fully half of all ASQ members are members of the QMD and we’re very proud of that. Like all divisions, we are working hard every day to deliver the best member value we can.

Division membership is a very important aspect of the overall member experience, and divisions have always been the strongest avenue to seek out information and other members related to one’s own particular interests. It’s important that all members of the ASQ have their best-suited experience in their sections and divisions. It’s important that members join the divisions that are right for them. All members have the opportunity to join all 27 divisions if they choose to, without additional cost. But ask yourself: can one really be an engaged member of 27 divisions? In a way, being a member of every division makes you a member of no division. Each member must find the right combination of divisions for them. For me, I have found that three or four divisions is the right mix. Choose a division based on your industry (such as automotive, space and defense, food drug and cosmetic, education, finance, etc.) then a division based on your job function (audit division, inspection division, reliability and risk, etc.) and then a division(s) based on your general interests (quality management, innovation, social responsibility, lean enterprise, etc.). Now more than ever, ASQ needs thriving divisions with active members. It’s more important to have engaged members than to just have large numbers of members. If you are a member of ASQ (or thinking about becoming a member), then seek out and join the divisions that are right for you. Being a part of those communities can truly enhance the member experience and open up opportunities for career advancement, mentorship, and even publishing your ideas in peer-reviewed periodicals.

ASQ is only as strong as its members, so please make your voice heard. Provide feedback and ideas to help all of us steer the society towards ever-higher levels of performance and member-satisfaction.

Get involved in any divisions of which you are a member. Get involved in your local section; the single most important benefit of ASQ membership is networking with professionals like yourself. Please consider becoming a volunteer with your section and divisions. As always, we wish you well on your quality journey.