Sustainability is increasingly becoming more important to consumers thereby making sustainable manufacturing the new priority for industrial manufacturers.

Quality and Sustainability are two critical aspects of business operations that are closely intertwined and can complement each other when integrated into an organization’s operations.

The fundamental shift is in moving from pure profit maximization to a new definition of growth—one that gives due weight to the health of society and the planet. This presentation aims to show how organizations can integrate sustainability with their existing quality systems and achieve increased efficiency and cost savings in the joint initiative.

Tariq Masud 200pxTariq Masud is a senior manager with Parsons Corporation. Over the 29 years of his professional career, Tariq has worked for organizations in the manufacturing, transportation, and heavy mechanical sectors, and has held positions of leadership and responsibility in project as well as functional management. Tariq is a licensed Professional Engineer in USA and Canada and certified by the ASQ as a CMQ/OE, CQE, and CQA. Tariq is also a Lead Auditor with Exemplar Global and is certified to perform third-party quality audits.

In addition, he is a Sustainability Professional and works to improve the sustainability of projects and operations.

For the full presentation, visit The Quality Show October 24-26 in Rosemont, IL. He will be presenting Tuesday, October 24 at 1:30 p.m.

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