Micropsi Industries, whose artificial intelligence (AI)-powered vision system MIRAI enables the automation of tasks too complex or costly to automate with conventional methods, today announced the appointment of Gary Jackson as CEO. With more than 30 years of executive leadership experience, Jackson succeeds Micropsi Industries founder Ronnie Vuine, who will remain responsible for the product. 

Prior to joining Micropsi Industries, Jackson served as the CEO of Drishti, an AI-powered video analytics technology company that was recently acquired. He has also led other successful B2B software companies such as Vantive, Ounce Labs, Shunra and Zeekit. Leveraging his comprehensive go-to-market experience, Jackson will focus on expanding the company's international sales and growth while responsible for its overall operational strategy and execution.  

“At a time of severe labor shortages around the world, Micropsi Industries has recognized a longstanding industrial challenge in manufacturing—how to leverage AI and computer vision to automate tasks that are difficult or impossible to automate,” Jackson said. “Our AI system, MIRAI, stands out as a necessary innovation, distinguished by its technological maturity and advanced capabilities. I am committed to working with our team and partners while engaging with customers to make MIRAI a pivotal tool in global manufacturing industries.”  

Under Jackson’s leadership, Micropsi Industries is expected to continue its strong growth trajectory in the United States. The company is already working with leading manufacturers in the automotive and electronics industries. 

Vuine will continue to play a vital role, focusing on product innovation and connecting customers’ needs with the advancement of MIRAI. His expertise has been invaluable in bridging AI technology with practical applications on the factory floor. Jackson's appointment as CEO enables Vuine to dedicate more time to further progress the AI-powered vision system and assist customers in keeping up with the progression of AI advancements. 

“I'm really excited to work with Gary,” Vuine said. “He brings skills into the company that we haven't had access to so far but that we'll urgently need in the phase of growth we're now entering: We need to enable customers to deploy our technology at a scale that really makes a difference to their business. Being able to do so isn't just about product or sales, it's about navigating a customer's very specific value landscape. That's hard to learn quickly, and Gary is really good at it. Also, him doing it will allow me to give much more attention to the product - there are great things coming this year. Exciting AI, but also a lot of operations and maintenance-focused features; the type of thing customers need that start to seriously depend on us for their own value creation.” 

For more information, visit https://www.micropsi-industries.com.