Smart Vision Lights (SVL) introduces the LHI-DO Lightgistics series light, which is available in 300 mm and 600 mm models designed to deliver intense linear light in high-speed scan tunnel systems. Equipped with Hidden Strobe technology, the light delivers the benefits of LED strobing while minimizing the disruption and disorientation associated with bright, pulsing lights. 

Hidden Strobe technology enables LEDs to rapidly self-trigger thousands of times per second at rates imperceivable to the human eye — giving off an illusion of continuous illumination. The novel technology helps logistics companies maximize the capabilities of machine vision systems while protecting employees against the harmful and disorienting effects of continuous flashing lights.

Machine vision systems attempting to perform accurate high-speed barcode scanning or optical character recognition (OCR) on packages with reflective plastic wraps or shipping bags run into significant issues with glare. Polarizers can overcome the glare problem, but this comes at a cost, with reduced light output and decreased clarity. Lightigistics lights featuring Dual OverDrive™ technology are designed specifically to overcome these issues. Dual OverDrive™ technology combines SVL’s Deca OverDrive™ and standard OverDrive™ engines to deliver lighting that is 10 times brighter than standard continuous mode. 

The LHI-DO’s OverDrive™–only light source can be used to create tunnel systems capable of illuminating any package — ensuring perfect readability no matter the shape or material. With an integrated camera mount compatible with most machine vision cameras, the light can be directly connected and controlled through a camera’s trigger output. With onboard charging capacitors, the LHI-DO delivers powerful bursts of energy with a low consistent electrical draw. The IP65-rated LHI-DO can be used at working distances between 500 mm and 2000 mm with 10-, 14-, and 30-degree lens options.

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