Onto Innovation Inc. and its Tucson subsidiary 4D Technology announced they’ve been named winner of FANUC America’s prestigious 2024 Innovative System of the Year award for the 4Di InSpec automated metrology system (AMS). The system enables automated surface defect and feature metrology for aviation, aerospace and other applications in the industrial manufacturing market. The patented, vibration-immune technology enables the unique capability of using non-contact, three-dimensional optical metrology on the production floor, providing new levels of defect inspection with micrometer-level resolution. In partnership with OptiPro Systems, the 4Di InSpec AMS systems were delivered in the second half of 2023 to several leading aerospace engine manufacturers.   

“We are honored to be recognized as an innovator by a robotic industry leader like FANUC America,” said Erik Novak, vice president and general manager of Onto Innovation subsidiary 4D Technology. “The combination of FANUC robotics with 4Di non-contact sensor technologies provides a unique platform for improving throughput, quality and delivery times in industrial manufacturing. We look forward to the continued expansion of our automation metrology portfolio to help our customers solve some of the more complex industrial manufacturing challenges in the industry.”

The aviation industry is focused on safety amid the ongoing labor shortage post-pandemic, driving a renewed emphasis for an increase in quality control and improved labor utilization. Currently, visual inspection of engines is the standard quality control practice, including repro-rubber and shadowgraph off-line techniques, which are time-consuming and subjective. The industry can utilize the 4Di InSpec automated metrology solution to achieve significantly higher sampling rates and improved quality control while providing fast, accurate and reproducible results. The automated system is capable of measuring 400 typical engine call-out measurements in under 30 minutes, which can take weeks using traditional methods, enabling manufacturers to reallocate labor for other critical tasks. The technology has demonstrated the ability to reduce scrap and rework by up to 40% on engine components.

The 4Di InSpec AMS can be configured for multiple applications, including large, rotary applications, small freeform components such as turbine blades and multi-sensor applications. Bob Wasilesky, senior director of sales and marketing for Onto Innovation subsidiary 4D Technology, said, “Multi-sensor, automated systems are the next step to delivering increased value to our customers, where one robot, with dual sensors, can measure surface roughness, surface features and defect inspection all in one system, greatly increasing efficiencies.”

For more information, visit www.ontoinnovation.com.