In a strategic move that underscores its commitment to innovation and leadership in the artificial intelligence (AI) sector, Aionic Digital announced the appointment of Yaron Benjamin, CEO, and Matt Zeiger, COO, to its executive leadership team. These appointments align with Aionic's vision to drive business transformation through AI-driven solutions, heralding a new era of efficiency for data management, systems integration, customer engagement, and ecommerce. 

Aionic Digital is a leader in technology consulting, specializing in AI, ecommerce, and customer engagement platforms. Its expertise is the ability to apply technical engineering solutions to solve business challenges. Aionic Digital understands how to execute AI initiatives and apply that to solve client challenges through solutions like shortening time horizons. The company also boasts leading experts on large data and systems integrations. 

As CEO of Aionic Digital, Yaron Benjamin will drive technical excellence through the entirety of the organization. Benjamin is a technology leader focused on composable commerce, cloud architecture, and AI/machine learning (ML). With nearly two decades of experience in software engineering and enterprise architecture, Benjamin is passionate about developing solutions to solve complex technical challenges and drive businesses forward. With experience both in the public and private sector, Benjamin has worked for the Department of Defense as an Application Architect and most recently at Authentic as the Director of Technical Services. Benjamin brings experience working with Fortune 500 companies like Starbucks, Victoria's Secret, and Cedar Fair.

Ralph Miller, President, Aionic Digital said, “Yaron is one of the leading thinkers in terms of modern applications for solutions to complex technical challenges. As good as he is though, we felt it was important to appoint a CEO who is comfortable in knowing how complex technologies can be used by businesses to solve their challenges.” 

Benjamin, CEO, said, “Aionic Digital is at the leading edge of implementing ecommerce and customer engagement solutions that leverage AI to enhance customer experience. We have assembled a highly experienced team that is to deliver on this promise. I am truly excited at the opportunities we have to help lead our partners as they create great experiences for their customers. ” 

As another key addition to the leadership team, Matt Zeiger will lead the operations of the business. He will help oversee both the product and project delivery teams, and develop reports to ensure the business consistently assesses its performance and meets its targets. Zeiger also boasts a wealth of experience, spending the last 15 years as a certified Project Manager. He has managed complex commerce, app, web, and loyalty programs for some of the world's largest brands like Moen, Haagen Dazs, and Hilton.

Zeiger shared his enthusiasm about joining Aionic, stating, "I am excited to become part of the executive team and to lead the execution teams in the work we are doing related to AI. The opportunity to become an executive within a company that is achieving such tremendous results in a short time is going to be a truly innovative experience, both in my career trajectory and in the overall value to the business and AI communities." 

Mark Barrett, Co-Founder and CRO, remarked, “Matt is a difference maker for organizations. The consummate professional who embodies our core values of leadership by example, determination, and professionalism in all aspects of work and communication. We’re lucky Matt has chosen Aionic to help lead us in our journey.” 

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