Whether on the shop floor or at home, the journey made and effort expended toward your goals is the real accomplishment.

The effort that we expend to reach a goal or a target is critical to our growth, both professionally and personally. Whether we accomplish the goal or target, perhaps is not the point-it is the learning, strength, confidence and fulfillment that is gained on our journey that is the real value to us and to those who surround us.

Here are some thoughts:
  • Anything worth accomplishing usually takes long, difficult and sustained effort to accomplish-yet even though the goal may be a long way off, the benefits of working toward that goal begin to be ours immediately.
  • The real value of accomplishment is in the journey toward reaching our goal. The reward is not so much in what we obtain as in the person we become in the process of attaining it.
  • No matter how difficult the journey may be, it makes all the difference in the world when that journey is leading to a destination we have chosen. By setting our sights upon where we intend to be and by committing ourselves to following that path, we immediately begin to add strength, commitment and confidence that affects us personally and professionally.
  • The commitment, discipline, focus and effort are indeed their own rewards. And they begin to be ours the moment we decide to begin the journey.
  • Though at first we may wish we could reach the goal easily or without having to work our way past the challenges, we’ll soon realize that such an accomplishment would be worthless. It is precisely the effort and the value we put into the accomplishment that gives it value to us.
  • We need to commit to make the most of every opportunity and to give our best effort, and we’ll find ourselves surrounded by real, lasting value.