When successes come, you should take time to enjoy the rewards they bring. Your enjoyment really sets the stage for even greater successes.

When the achievement is completed, allow yourself a well-deserved feeling of satisfaction. It will motivate you to work toward repeating that same satisfied feeling.

Enjoy the fruits of your efforts. Be thankful that you chose to create new value and that you persisted in doing so. With each success, new and greater possibilities are created. Enjoying that success is a perfect way to open your paradigms to other possibilities.

Remind yourself, in a pleasant but unforgettable way, why you worked your way through all the difficult challenges to a successful conclusion. Let the euphoric feeling of fulfillment empower you to extend your reach even higher.

Enjoy the good things you have done and the positive result that came from your accomplishment. However, you need to position yourself for more success because it's on the way.