If things aren’t going well professionally or personally- don’t worry. You do not have to tackle everything at once. That can be daunting.

You need to think about it logically and strategically. You are only three short steps from turning things around and getting back on track. You can handle that.

If you are headed in a negative direction, getting back on track may seem hopelessly out of reach. Yet by taking just three steps, you can completely change your prospects for the better.

Take one positive step, and you will stop moving backwards. Take a second positive step, and you will begin moving forward on your way to better things.

Then take the third step in a positive direction, and suddenly you have established real momentum. From that point, each successive positive effort comes more naturally and easily.

No matter how low you may be, remember at any point you are just three short steps away from a whole different outlook. Think about it a moment: No matter what is happening, you are just three small, positive actions to turning it around. You can easily get headed solidly in a new direction and become more empowering with each step.

In addition, by taking those three positive steps you will get a real sense of commitment. These actions will get you quickly and firmly invested in your own future and success.

Remember, wherever you are now, you are just three steps away. On your way to whatever goal you choose. Don’t let the current situation get you down, take control and do it now because now is indeed the best time to act.