How do you start your morning?  Let’s discuss how this can have a significant effect on how the rest of your day goes?

A nutritious breakfast helps children learn better in school and education helps children get a good start in life. Race horse owners and their trainers know that how a horse comes out of the starting gate can often make a career determine earnings.  Just like a sprinter's ability to come out of the blocks often determines who wins the race.

Your first experience with something will often color what comes afterward. The way you start your day is no exception.

Do you jump out of bed in the morning feeling groggy, begin a mad rush to get to work on time, and spend your whole day trying to meet deadlines and stay on a schedule that always seems too overwhelming?

Want to change that scenario?  For one week, set your clock a few minutes early.  When your alarm goes off, spend your first few minutes giving some thought to the way you want the rest of your day to go. Focus on positive, not negative, thoughts. 

As you go about preparing for the day, try to bring your full awareness to each activity: showering, brushing your teeth, and selecting your clothes. Do each task thoughtfully and deliberately, paying complete attention to that one thing. This sharpens your focus.

Keep your thoughts positive and on the opportunities about to be presented in your life.  If you practice it for a while, it will change the pace and the feeling of your day. 

The more time you spend in positive thought and the things that could make you happy and successful, the less time you have to actually think about the negative things you already know have made you unhappy and miserable.

Think about it.