If you’re like many, you have delayed setting goals for this coming year.  However, you’ve been forced, maybe because of annual performance appraisals, to analyze your results toward this year’s goals.  If you haven’t been watching closely, you may find the results less than stellar. 

If you are not making the progress you would like and are capable of making, there are three important things to think about: your standards, your beliefs, your approach or strategy. 

Without exception, if you haven't achieved something that you want or you feel like you are not making significant progress, you never have to look farther away than this short list because these three things can have a dramatic effect on your progress. Consider it the litmus test for determining what's missing in the quest for your goal(s).

First of all, how important is the goal to you? Is it a "should" or a "must" in terms of whether or not you want to make it real? If it's not a "must," there is no need to look any further. Life has a way of helping those individuals with goals that "must" be accomplished. Those individuals that think they "should" achieve a certain goal usually wind up frustrated, disillusioned, and fall short of achievement. Those individuals with a goal that's a "must" will not settle for anything less than accomplishing the objective.

Second, what do you believe in terms of your ability to achieve the goal? Do you want to become financially independent but believe deep down that it really isn't possible for you? If your beliefs don't support your goal, you know exactly where the challenge lies. Examine your daily thoughts and you'll quickly discover what you really believe about the goal. Is it possible for you? Only you can decide!

Third, how are you going about achieving the goal? What is your approach and is that approach working? If you've tried and failed numerous times with a specific strategy, it may be time to employ a new strategy. Often, the only thing holding us back is our unwillingness to be flexible in our approach. Remember, there is always a way if you remain committed to finding it.

This list may seem rather simple but refer back to it the next time you find yourself short of your goal. I'd be willing to bet that what's standing in your way can be quickly discovered by reviewing this list.

Think about it.