Most of us probably don’t pay much attention to where we focus our attention. However, focus is powerful, and it has a lot to do with what happens in our lives.

If we focus on resentment, we'll invent many more things to resent. When we focus on gratitude, we bring many more things into our life for which we can be thankful.

When we focus on anger, we'll find more reasons to be angry. But if we focus on remaining calm, our life becomes enhanced by tranquility and serenity. This doesn’t mean that our life will be free from agitation, but rather that we will be able to more successfully navigate through those rough waters without destroying our self-esteem and achieve what we believe to be most important.

When we focus on life's best possibilities, we'll move steadily forward in the direction of our dreams and aspirations. When focused on the things that we truly value, they will grow even more valuable.

When we remain focused on what we are able to give, we'll significantly expand what we are able to attain. If we focus our energy, our attention, our interest and our passion on whatever we truly want to achieve, that focus will become so powerful that it can make the seemingly impossible happen! This positive focus expands our paradigms (boundaries of thought) to allow us to find ways to succeed.

Want to know where you’re headed? Take a few minutes right now to honestly determine where your focus is consistently directed, because that is probably where your life is headed. In general, people who lack positive focus don not achieve real success or happiness. In the end they become bitter, resentful and unhappy with their circumstances.

By choosing your focus, you choose your lifestyle, the people with whom you associate, the world around you and ultimately your future. Focus on what is truly positive and right and valuable for you. The outcome will be far better and more enjoyable than if you focus on the negative.