Each year we typically start this blog by talking about goal-setting, so why change the pattern?

There are numerous articles and books focusing on the details of this important subject, so we’ll make a few broad points intended to assist in your goal-setting process.

As we review the previous year’s results and plan for the coming year, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the challenges that lie ahead. How we prepare to meet those challenges determines the difference between success and failure.

Consider the following:

Set your goals high, but attainable. Goals should make you "stretch." but not be outside your capability to make them achievable. The stronger your sense of purpose, the more energy you will have to follow that purpose.

Dream big, meaningful dreams with no compromises. The most compelling dreams are the ones that will continue pulling you toward them.

Live each day with a positive purpose set firmly in front of you. Focused effort will eventually make you tired, and yet after a brief rest, you'll be ready to go again. The weariness that comes from living with no purpose can be diminished only by directing your efforts toward a meaningful objective.

There is a powerful, meaningful, compelling vision with which you can personally connect. Choose to open yourself to the things that are the most meaningful to you, and fill your moments with powerful purpose.

A strong sense of purpose will give you energy and keep you going past the challenges, distractions and temptations that come along. Purpose will make a positive difference in everything you do.

Keep the above in mind as you set goals for the coming year. They may help bring clarity to the process.

Think about it...