How much time do most people spend thinking about success and how it is achieved? Likely not as much as we should because the world really revolves around success or elements of success. 

Success can be achieved by anyone, but it does not come easy. Success is accomplished not by luck or good fortune but through hard work and dedication.

Success is not achieved by waiting until the last minute to get started. Success is a result of looking forward, planning, and working hard to be fully prepared. Think professional athletes spending countless hours practicing when the spotlight is not focused on them and fans are not watching.

Success is not achieved by taking the easy route by doing only what is comfortable and convenient.  Success is achieved by doing what must be done to achieve success. Much of the time this is done without a lot of recognition and notoriety, but it needs to be done, nonetheless.

Success is not achieved by waiting for luck or someone else to take the lead. Successful people make the most of whatever circumstances and events come along. They are prepared when the opportunity arises so that they can be the spark to cause positive outcomes.

Success is not achieved by making a mediocre effort. Success comes when there is unending commitment, dedication to meaningful purpose. Successful people have the courage to step forward to provide input so that organizational excellence can be achieved.

Success is not achieved by random events or actions. Success happens when there are conscious decisions to the effort and commitment to make something positive happen.

Success is not achieved by the lucky few.  Success can be attained by anyone who chooses to make it happen.

Vince Lombardi, the legendary football coach, said, “Success demands singleness of purpose.” Become focused on the ingredients of success that, once blended with meaningful purpose, will result in success.

Think about it...