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Laser tool setting

The Active Cutting Tool Control System software is for use with Marposs' Mida Laser Tool Setting systems. Tool offsets can be determined by loading any tool into the spindle while in MDI mode, enter-ing one subroutine or programmable G-code and hitting cycle start. The software automatically finds the tool, performs the measurements, loads the tool offsets into memory and determines where the off-set should go based on defaulted program values.

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Camera configuration utility

CamExpert, a Windows-based camera configuration utility, is bundled in Sapera LT 5.0 image ac-quisition and development library. The utility provides an interactive environment for creating new or modifying existing configuration files for area and linescan camera applications. Other features include an enhanced graphical user interface with multiple views of camera and board parameters, a live grab and display window for online parameter tweaking, a waveform view that improves understanding of single inter-relationships, and a single camera configuration file format rather than separate files for camera interfacing and video parameters.

Coreco Imaging
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Digital caliper

The IP-66 rated digital caliper is for use in harsh conditions where coolants and moisture are prevalent in the manufacturing process. The unit is sealed against coolants and water up to 3 feet deep, dust and chips, allowing operators to take measurements without removing and cleaning the workpiece. The caliper has absolute encoder technology that prevents operator error and the need to reset the zero-position each time the unit is used. The caliper is SPC-capable. The unit it available in 6-, 8- and 12-inch models and has an accuracy of ±0.001 inch and resolution of 0.0005 inch.

Mitutoyo America Corp.
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Spot software

Spot 4.0 has new features including macro script routines that automate repetitive tasks, saving users time. A floating tool bar keeps commonly used macros and software functions at the user's fingertips. Auto logging of image capture settings allows user to recall how images were taken.

Diagnostic Instruments Inc.
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Oscilloscope probe

The Model CT3133RA is an oscilloscope probe with readout actuator pin. The probe has a 350-megahertz bandwidth. When the probe's BNC actuating pin makes contact with the scope's actuation pad, the scope automatically detects the x10 attenuation setting of the probe and adjusts the scale read-out accordingly. The unit comes with an accessory kit.

Cal Test Electronics
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Alignment system

The Microgage 2000 measuring and alignment system can be directly connected to a laptop or PC for acquiring measurement readings and analysis. The system is configured for precise alignments of straightness, flatness, perpendicularity and parallelism on a variety of industrial machinery and equip-ment. The DCU-200 captures measurements as small as 0.00001 inch, and distances between the laser and digital receiver can extend up to 80 feet. The Pinpoint Capture software provides a large numerical display, a moving strip chart of the measurement reading and a bar display showing the signal strength to assist in setups.

Pinpoint Laser Systems
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Flow monitor and batch controls

The HPD-FEM Flow Monitor is available in configurations to match a variety of applications. All models provide flow rate, totals or ratios. Outputs can be programmed to perform limit, warning or alarm functions. AN RS 232 serial port provides for remote programming or monitoring. The HPD-FEMA has a 4-20mA output to track remotely. HPD-FEMA A2 has two channels to monitor dual flows and display them separately, as a difference or in a ration. It also can be configured to Quadrature Mode to detect bi-directional flow from a single meter. The HPD-BAC Batch controller features nine different batch amounts, batch counter, and totalizer and bath error compensation. 

Hedland Flow Meters
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The ICP LaserTach Tachometer senses the speed of rotating equipment while powered with standard ICP sensor signaling condition. Only a single coaxial or twisted-pair cable connection is required. This facilitates deployment of multiple tachometer sensors using the same cabling scheme as with other ICP sensor arrays for acquiring dynamic vibration, pressure, strain or force data. A red status LED provides positive, visual indication of proper signal pickup. The unit operates using a 2 to 20 mA current. The sensor will measure from as far as 6 feet at speeds up to 30,000 rpm. 

The Modal Shop Inc.
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Crimp pull testing

Designed for testing the pull-off tensile force of crimped joints, the Wire Crimp Pull Testing System has a motorized test stand, digital force gage and a set of gripping fixtures. Capacities of up to 200 pounds are available. The system has adjustable limit switches to allow the user to set exact travel dis-tance limits and a manual control knob for fine adjustments. An adjustable speed range of 0.5 to 13 inches per minute covers a variety of testing requirements. Specialized adjustable gripping fixtures se-cure the sample and accommodate a variety of wire and terminal sizes. Go/no go outputs are provided.

Mark-10 Corp.
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Vision system

The Eagle III Vision System inspects 100% of the surface in real time. The location of all defects can be mapped and archived. The system inspects for missing coating, gels, holes, carbon specs, streaks, wrinkles and other surface imperfections. The system can be configured with both basic and advanced classification of the defects. The advanced defect classification software allows the operator to distinguish between similar defects. 

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