LEUVEN, BELGIUM-Metris has been selected by Frost & Sullivan as the recipient of the 2006 Frost & Sullivan Growth Strategy Leadership of the Year Award for its strategies toward growth and outstanding contribution to the dimensional metrology industry. Metris is best known for its optical metrology products.

Each year Frost & Sullivan presents this award to a company that has exhibited an exceptional growth strategy in its industry.

"Metris has grown tremendously in the metrology market as a result of our acquisition and innovation strategy," says Bart Van Coppenolle, Metris president and CEO. "We are delighted that the independent Frost & Sullivan market research team has recognized Metris with this award for being the most innovating metrology company."

"Dedication in offering quality products, wide ranging product portfolio and focused penetration into diverse end-user groups are some of the key performance indicators that validate the company's achievements," says Frost & Sullivan research analysts Madhan Dhandayutham and Prathima Bommakanti. "One of the key strategies of Metris is to not only grow organically but as well as by acquisitions. This has aided not only in completing its total solutions portfolio, but also in building new products as demanded by the market," says Dhandayutham. "It has also been successful in forming alliances with key end users and OEMs to expand its market presence."

Being a global supplier of traditional and optical-based dimensional metrology products, Metris addresses the needs of its customers. End users are teaming up with the company, seeking products and solutions to their measuring needs. As a complete solution provider, Metris offers coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), laser-scanning products for CMMs, handheld laser scanners for articulated arms and optical CMMs. More oriented toward aerospace inspection and assembly, Metris offers large-volume metrology solutions such as laser radar and infrared GPS.

Metris also offers the application software for the CMM and scanner products, merely focusing on applications involving point cloud based 3-D inspection and reverse engineering.