The Niton XL3 Series of handheld XRF analyzers provides alloy-grade identification and laboratory-quality composition analysis of metal alloys. Typical time for routine positive grade identification is less than two seconds. The analyzers have a 50-kilovolt, 2-watt X-ray tube, as well as advanced electronics that enable new features. The series is available in a range of configurations and with an assortment of optional features and accessories to suit a variety of analytical needs. The analyzers are suited for scrap recycling, PMI (positive material identification) programs, and metal fabrication and manufacturing applications. The series incorporates 80-megahertz real-time digital signal processing and dual-embedded processors for computation, data storage, communication and other functions. The analyzers come with Niton Data Transfer (NDT) software, a suite of data management utilities that allows operators to produce certificates and reports, and monitor or operate the instrument remotely from a PC or PDA. The NDT file format preserves and protects the data from each sample analysis, ensuring that this data is not unintentionally or intentionally compromised.