The LightStar Torque Measurement System is designed to error proof residual torque auditing. The torque and angle wrenches are part of a solution that includes the company’s data collectors and software to virtually eliminate false readings and significantly reduce the variability commonly found in peak torque auditing. A solid-state gyro in the wrench head captures torque only when the fastener turns. Angle resolution is 0.037 degree. The instrumentation and logic built into the data collector differentiates between windup (flex) in the drive, socket and bolt head and fastener motion. This eliminates the most common types of false readings caused by differences in operator abilities. A multi-colored LED indicator in the wrench head instantly notifies the operator of good (green) or bad (red) torque readings when the wrench is connected to the company’s data collector. This notification is concurrent with fastener motion to let the operator know the point of release to help eliminate false readings.