The Metris K-Scan MMD handheld scanning system blends the company’s ModelMaker D laser scanning and optical CMM continuous probe tracking. Optical probe tracking enables the operator to walk around and acquire surface scans of the measurement object. The ergonomic lightweight housing of the system makes it appropriate for onsite 3-D geometry digitizing and inspection, covering small parts up to an entire vehicle. With 40 infrared LEDs built into the laser scanner housing, the system tracks probe position and orientation in real time. This unit also has motion compensation in case the measurement object should be moved inadvertently, avoiding intermediate re-alignment. The system’s laser line width can reach 200 millimeters, which reduces the number of manual scans required for the job. The system is driven by Metris Kube software, which references, visualizes and meshes the scanned object. The resulting point clouds can be analyzed instantly in Metris Kube or exported to Metris Focus for more detailed investigation.