ATLANTA -, a global sourcing marketplace for manufacturers, has announced significant advancements to its online platform that are designed to create additional competitive advantages for manufacturers and suppliers of custom parts, standard components, assemblies.

The new marketplace aims to help drive efficiencies at all levels of the online sourcing process, from RFQ (request for quote) creation and manufacturer-supplier collaboration to supplier selection. Because the platform intelligently connects manufacturers and suppliers with the right expertise, capacity and credentials at the right time, products can be brought to market faster and at higher levels of quality and profitability.

“This is a big step in our roadmap to provide competitive advantages to our customers in the highly fragmented manufacturing industry – which is the world’s largest and where supports more than 300 manufacturing categories globally,” says Mitch Free, founder and chief executive officer.

“We’ve listened to our customers and the new platform ties together a wide array of new and existing supply-chain applications in seven of the world’s most widely used languages, in more than 50 currencies of choice, and for companies of all sizes,” Free adds.'s platform enables companies to intelligently connect, source, collaborate and perform due diligence with transparency and intellectual property protection. It supports virtually all manufacturing process and industrial components -- as well as custom apparel and textiles -- is in seven major languages, more than 50 currencies and has more than 200,000 members on five continents. is based in Atlanta and has offices in Shanghai, Geneva, Paris and Munich. For more information,