PLYMOUTH, MI- Perceptron Inc., a provider of noncontact measurement and scanning systems for manufacturers, announced that Paul Joss, industrial marketing manager, will be presenting Helix, its 3-D metrology solution, at the 2011QualityConference to be held on April 13, 2011 at the Embassy Suites Charlotte-Concord Hotel in Charlotte, NC.

The presentation will also cover the history of machine vision and how noncontact metrology has become a common technique used by manufacturers for quality and process control. In manufacturing environments, non-contact metrology has historically been deployed two different ways: in-process gauging or off-line part inspection. Due to cost constraints, most manufacturers have been forced to choose one technique over the other.

In-process gauging is a high speed/low data density approach where the dimensional characteristics of critical discrete features are measured on every part produced, commonly known as 100% inspection. Off-line inspection is typically a low speed/high data density approach where a small sampling of production parts are measured thoroughly using 3-D scanning to assess shape, contours and discrete features.

Recent advances in technology create new opportunities for manufacturers to alter their quality plans and leverage the strengths of in-process gauging and 3-D scanning. More information about the presentation and the 2011 Quality Conference is availablehere .