RALEIGH, NC– Verisurf Software Inc. and InspectionXpert Corp. today announced they are partnering to provide integrated InspectionXpert and Verisurf functionality designed to accelerate the process of completing first article inspections. The new partnership provides quality inspectors with an integrated solution to streamline their inspection process that combines the value of both 3-D model-based and 2-D drawing-based inspection information.

“InspectionXpert’s automated ballooning and inspection reporting combined with the powerful inspection automation capabilities in Verisurf makes creating first articles and other inspection reports even faster for quality inspectors,” explains Jeff Cope, president and CTO of InspectionXpert. “Our integration addresses critical bottlenecks in quality inspection so manufacturers can increase throughput in their delivery of products to their customers.”

A preview of the integration will be shown at IMTS 2012 at the InspectionXpert booth E-3019 and the Verisurf booth E-3327.

”Verisurf’s connection to popular Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) and real time comparison to 3-D CAD models combined with InspectionXpert’s drawing ballooning and AS9102 and PPAP reporting will automate both 2-D drawing based and 3-D model based inspection processes,” states Ernie Husted, president and CEO of Verisurf. “This partnership and integration is the best in 2-D and 3-D inspection and will save manufacturers significant time and money producing first article inspection reports.”