MILTON KEYNES, UNITED KINGDOM-In response to the increase in demand for advanced nondestructive testing solutions, Sonatest Ltd. has created a new center of excellence, with a dedicated team to support this sector and strengthen its position within the market. The development of the new Application Center for Advanced Products and Projects (ACAPP) has taken place in order to provide high levels of technical support to customers and their specific applications, from consultancy to the post sales stage.

Engineers have been recruited to focus their time and resources on customers who require advanced nondestructive testing (NDT) solutions. With a skill-set covering phased array, mechanical, transducer and electronic design, together with software development, the ACAPP team is able to fully investigate and support all advanced application demands, providing bespoke solutions where required.

Products that are supported by the ACAPP group include the Harfang X-32 and other phased array products-the NDTS Rapidscan2, Rapidscan-3d and the SFD-100 Flaw Detector. These technologies require significant technical support throughout the sales process, often requiring proof of application suitability, which involves testing and reporting, NDT effectiveness and system integration. Bespoke transducer development and instrumentation customization also are supported. Particular areas of expertise include composite inspection and on-line high-speed scanning.

Additionally the specialists within the ACAPP group are able to assist in developing procedures for product approval, integrating systems into customers’ workflows, training customers and working on data analysis.