WATERLOO, ONTARIO - Dalsa Corp. announced it has recently received new orders valued at over CAD $17.3 million at today's exchange rates to develop custom imaging solutions for five international customers in remote sensing and photogrammetry applications.

The common thread in these diverse applications is Dalsa's ability deliver the highest imaging performance in a variety of the world's most challenging remote sensing applications. Remote sensing is often used for monitoring crops, comparing urban and rural land use, tracking icebergs, detecting oil spills, and making maps and nautical charts. Photogrammetry is a specialized type of remote sensing that uses aerial photographs and other remote sensing imagery to obtain accurate measurements of natural and human-made features on the Earth. Photogrammetry provides the spectacular images driving such popular and useful tools as Google Earth and Microsoft Virtual Earth.

‘‘The focus we placed on custom business at the end of 2008 is already helping to deliver results--these contracts increase our order backlog significantly,’‘ says Brian Doody, CEO of Dalsa. ‘‘Furthermore, these projects highlight our capabilities in both design and fabrication. From IC design to semiconductor fabrication and packaging for harsh environments to complete module development, our vertical integration allows us to build strength upon strength, increasing performance and shortening development time. The results will be incredible imaging performance for our customers across all these applications.’‘

Delivery of products against these orders will begin in Q2 2009, and will be substantially completed over the next two years. There is also a potential to receive subsequent orders upon the successful completion of the development phase of certain of these projects.