CHICAGO, IL— Management consulting firm The Keystone Group is undertaking a series of research projects looking at critical topics that impact mid-market clients.   One such endeavor is its new offshore sourcing survey, in which is seeks to find the current pulse on a broad sample of mid-market manufacturing companies. The group plans to share the results with all participating parties, as well as its own thoughts on keys to success and lessons learned for companies considering  similar initiatives.

“Mid-market manufacturing companies are currently evaluating offshore sourcing or setting up manufacturing facilities in overseas developing markets,” the company says. “As executives consider these decisions, they have likely read anecdotes in newspapers about other companies that have an international footprint bringing products back via re-shoring and near-shoring. However, most of these articles tend to focus on large multi-billion dollar corporations. In our experience,  there is a general lack of data available for mid-market companies to understand overall trends in offshoring.” To take part in the survey, please visit: