ROCHESTER, NY—Optical Gaging Products (OGP), a division of Quality Vision International Inc. (QVI), marked a proud milestone this week with delivery of the 5,000th SmartScope Flash multisensor measuring system.

SmartScope Flash systems are high performance dimensional measurement tools for components used in industries ranging from consumer products to aerospace components to medical devices.

OGP launched the SmartScope Flash line in 1999 with the original SmartScope Flash 200. System  No.1 was delivered to Stanadyne Corp. of Windsor, CT. Today, the Flash product line includes nine models from the compact benchtop 200 to large area models with more than 1.5 meters of measuring range.

SmartScope Flash No. 5,000 is the popular 300 model, delivered to a large Swiss watch-making group. “The SmartScope Flash CNC is an excellent tool for the precision watch-making industry,” said Salvatore Spica of OGP AG, the company’s representative in Switzerland. “It can measure the very small features in these assemblies quickly and with good precision. Versatility is the key to this business, since there are so many micro parts in the time-keeping mechanism, and all of them must meet very tight tolerances. A conventional CMM cannot handle these small, intricate features. The SmartScope system with its excellent zoom optics and integral laser, has the flexibility and speed to measure these small components.”

The customer is a maker of fine wrist watches marked with its own brand, and is also a major supplier of timing mechanisms for other Swiss-made timepieces. SmartScope Flash No. 5,000 is the latest in a series of precision measuring systems OGP has supplied to the firm since the early 1990s.

The multisensor capabilities of SmartScope Flash enable it to perform many types of measurements. The combination of AccuCentric self-calibrating zoom optics, integral laser, and optional touch probe, enable SmartScope Flash to measure surfaces, edges and inside dimensions with equal precision.