GALVESTON, TX — Reflecting a greater focus on achieving organizational success through people, the first certification program for ISO standard 10018 is now available for organizations committed to quality people management. This standard was created by the same organization that created ISO 9000 quality process management standards in 1987, which are now followed by over 1.3 million companies worldwide which display the ISO 9000 logo in their marketing to prove their commitment to quality.

The ISO 10018 certification is administered by  (ICEE) at the Healthcare Management Institute of the University of Texas Medical Branch. The goal is to help organizations apply a formal approach to foster the proactive involvement of everyone from customers and distribution partners to employees, vendors, and communities to achieve organizational success and to deliver their marketing promises.

The Center will officially launch Dec. 7-8 at a conference entitled “ISO 10018: Enterprise Engagement in Action,” held at the University of Texas Medical Branch administrative building in Galveston, TX. For more information, visit There is a 50% discount for Quality Magazine readers who register using the promo code Quality.

“ISO 10018 is to people management what ISO 9001 is to process management," said Dr. Ron McKinley, co-founder of the International Center for Enterprise Engagement (ICEE). "Because ISO 9000 considers people management critical to sustainable success, ISO 10018 is almost a must for ISO 9001compliant companies,” he said. “But the process and designation offers benefits to any organization seeking to maximize performance through people by providing a framework for creating a sustainable customer-oriented, innovative culture continuously focused on improvement, satisfaction and results. For most organizations, this is an ad hoc process at best.”

He said that the state of quality people management today is like that of quality process management in the 1980s when there were no standards for quality processes.

“Twenty years later, with over 1.3 million ISO 9001 certified organizations in place, the engineers who oversee the worldwide-respected ISO 9001 quality standards recognized that the creators had overlooked a critical component of quality process management: the role of people management. We hope that in 20 years as many organizations will proudly display the ISO 10018 designation for quality people management in their marketing as many do for ISO 9001 today.”