Brunson Instrument Company announced their new line of Target Holder Kits, available in inch and metric collections. Each standard kit comes in a foam-lined, waterproof case with an assortment of target holders and accessories for 0.5” and/or 1.5” diameter Retro-reflectors (SMR, CCR, TBR, etc.). Brunson will also custom build a target holder kit. Laser trackers and target holders are used by metrologists and manufacturers who need a high-precision, portable measurement solution to build, inspect, or maintain aircraft, satellites, ships, particle accelerators, automobiles and more. Brunson’s certified and serialized target holders make it easier to measure standard geometric features such as holes, edges, corners, surfaces, diameters, and hidden points. Custom-designed target holders are used to measure all types of non-standard geometric features.
Brunson Instrument Company