Alufix is a modular fixturing system made out of high-tensile aluminum for measuring fixtures, checking gages, assembly or welding fixtures, cubings, gages, meisterbocks, blue bucks, and data control models. It is indispensable in design, R+D and prototyping areas where a lot of changes during development of a product take place.Alufix_IN

This modular system for holding workpieces is available in six sizes. The different system sizes can be combined with each other. After their useful life fixtures can be disassembled and the single components can be used for new fixtures.

Advantages of Alufix:

  • high accuracy of all components
  • very lightweight but very stable
  • system sizes can be combined
  • no weight or size limits on workpieces
  • all fixtures are repeatable
  • components are reuseable
  • low storage space required when not in use
  • parts library in CAD
  • design software
  • corrosion free
  • long-lasting and maintenance free

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