Multi-DNC supports the Haas Machine Data Collection (MDC) feature by providing networking, DNC communications, machine monitoring and reporting, all from a single platform. With Haas ‘Setting 143’ enabled, Multi-DNC’s browser-based monitoring software, Multi-MDC, provides real-time machine monitoring by automatically collecting machine output data to an MS-SQL database. Real-time Dashboards and Production History Reports display shop floor manufacturing data including machine utilization, OEE, cycle, idle, alarm, spindle, machine downtime reasons, tool usage, setup, parts count, machine maintenance information and more. In addition Multi-MDC will alert supervisors by text message and email for part count deviation and alarms.

When Haas ‘Setting 143’ is enabled the control sends monitoring data through the RS-232 port to the Multi-DNC communications platform, which has been specially configured to read the Haas MDC data. Multi-DNC automatically turns off and then back on MDC output when downloading or uploading CNC programs through the RS-232 port. This feature provides single cable connectivity for networking, DNC communications, monitoring and reporting.

In addition to Haas machine monitoring with ‘Setting 143’ enabled, the Multi-DNC solution also supports all legacy brand CNC controls. Customers can implement a shop-wide initiative of networking, DNC communications, machine data collection, monitoring and reporting, regardless of age or mixed brands of CNC controls.

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