Steinbichler presents the new T-SCAN LV scanning and tracking all-in-one solution. The overall modular concept is developed around an easy-to-connect controller and is ready to use in just a few minutes. The combination of the Steinbichler T-SCAN LV handheld laser and the ergonomic T-POINT LV touch probe, makes individual point measurements quick and easy, while enabling precise 3D data collection for nearly all applications – particularly with large-scale objects. The increased measuring volume of 35 m³ of the new Steinbichler T-SCAN LV enables the scanning of objects with an overall length of up to six meters. With the ‘Dynamic Referencing’ function, the system enables precise measurements, even on moving objects or objects in an unstable environment. The addition of multiple T-TRACK LV trackers enables even greater freedom of movement for the measurement of large objects.ScanningTracking_IN

Steinbichler proudly features ‘Intelligent Light Control’ (ILC) as a new ground-breaking enhancement to the COMET 6 high-end sensor, 16M blue light 3D scanning system. ILC uses automatic recognition of components to adjust optical parameters such as component length and illumination. The result is an increased measurement speed along with an efficient, user-friendly measurement process.

Intelligent Light Control independently analyses the data collection results of the Steinbichler COMET 6 blue light scanning system. In areas where there is excessive exposure or radiation due to the influence of light on the component, the amount of projection light is automatically reduced, allowing for precise results in minutes. Fringe light projection sensors, like the Steinbichler COMET 6, enable the quick and highly-precise measuring and scanning of a variety of parts (particularly with highly reflective components, such as sheet metal and chrome where reflections cause overexposure or underexposure). Hans