Olympus Corporation announced the launch of the new STM7 measuring microscope, an industrial microscope system designed for highly accurate measurement of machined parts, semiconductors, electronic components, and other processed industrial materials.

A measuring microscope series that combines high-performance Olympus optics with today’s most advanced measurement capabilities, the STM7 is available as both a manual Z-axis model and a motorized Z-axis model, each with a variety of stage options. Designed for highly efficient inspection and enhanced productivity, the STM7’s large square stage (up to 300mm x 300mm) can accommodate a number of variously shaped samples at the same time. The STM7 makes it possible to measure large samples such as printed circuit boards or semiconductor wafers with no shift in orientation.

To ensure measurement accuracy and ongoing reliability, the STM7 features a highly durable, vibration-resistant frame with a granite surface plate. As a result of this stability, part size, assembly, and other measurements can be taken at sub-micron levels with minimal error. When coupled with Olympus’ proven optical technology, this exceptionally stable frame assembly enables vivid high-resolution imaging of extremely minute samples.

The STM7 uses the same UIS2 infinity-corrected observation system harnessed by the industry’s most powerful optical microscopes. As a result, brightfield, darkfield, DIC, and POL images can all be observed with high resolution and high contrast, with aberration thoroughly eliminated. This ensures highly accurate measurement of even the smallest component details.

When used with STM7-BSW measurement support software and an Olympus microscope digital camera, the STM7 can perform accurate measurements of highly complex shapes while keeping system operation extremely simple. Measurement results can then be easily exported to Excel, facilitating fast, simple report generation and management.