Two high-magnification stereo zoom microscopes expand Aven’s lines of advanced instruments for scientific, industrial and medical applications.

The binocular and trinocular models have 15x eyepieces to achieve 21x to 135x continuous zoom magnification at a working distance of 3.3 inches (84 millimeters). Magnification rises to a range of 28x to 180x with an optional 20x eyepiece.

The scopes have advantages for circuit board checks or repairs, other small parts inspection, medical device manufacturing, forensic examination, life sciences lab work such as dissection and fossil study and cleaning. Eyepieces are set at a 45-degree angle and have an interpupillary distance adjustment, allowing comfortable use even by operators with glasses. Each eyepiece tube also has a diopter adjustment.

Both Aven models can be customized with lighting and optical accessories tailored to specific needs, including four stand selections: pole with focus mount, pole with LED lighting and dual arm booms with a base or clamp. They’re also available in complete system choices with stand, mount, illumination and auxiliary optical components. The Japanese-engineered binocular and trinocular scopes have multi-coated optics with an assurance of no spherical or chromatic aberrations.

Click-stop zoom adjustments ensure accurate, repeatable measurements. The trinocular body has a one-touch fine focus adjustment.

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