EVT has now developed a command set for thermal imaging.

With this command set even complex applications for the thermal imaging area can be solved quite easily. The supported cameras are the Optris infrared camera and the Axx series from FLIR. For this reason a variety of tasks from the thermal imaging environment can be handled via easy drag-and-drop-programming.

Typical applications are in the automotive industry e.g. for inspection of the crude steel quality or in the cement industry e.g. the inspection of the efficiency of revolving cylindrical furnace. Also there are the applications in the food and beverage industry, in bottling plants or in production, transport, storage and selling of perishable products.

In addition to the new command set the user has the complete command set of the EyeVision software at their disposal: starting with the process connection via PLC and network integration up to image management.

And what is more, with the GUI Designer the user can create his own user interface. Either as a native system or via the integrated webserver for controlling over the network or internet.


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