The Baumer PosCon optical edge sensor will reliably master tasks which previously required complex laser measuring systems. Additionally the PosCon 3D provides impressive convenience in both operation and installation. Multiple capabilities make the sensor a versatile solution to reliably detect edge positions and object or gap width in applications such as gap control in packaging machines or width and edge monitoring in lumber and paper processing.

Requiring no separate reflector, the PosCon 3D is able to reliably measure objects regardless of movements toward and away from the sensor with no adverse effects. PosCon 3D will reliably identify any object - independent of its color and surface.

The sensor’s Target design allows easy system integration in an early planning stage using the sensor CAD data. This patented design features ensure exceptionally tight tolerances on beam placement, allowing the design team to rest assured that sensors will operate consistently from one machine to another. Sensor operation is as easy: install, align to the object and select the required language on the touch display – that’s it.

PosCon 3D provides the utmost application flexibility. Edge positions are reliably detected even when installed in any non-vertical position with a lateral angle up to 30°.  The object width is identified within fractions of a second and with an accuracy of 0.02 millimeter – regardless of the object position within the measuring field. PosCon 3D can also identify an object’s center position. As soon as the object is outside the acceptable tolerance range, the sensor will trigger a switching output, indicating a failure condition.

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