Platinum Tools debuted the Net Prowler Pro Test Kit during 2015 BICSI Winter Conference & Exhibition.

The full-featured Net Prowler measures cable length (using TDR technology) and generates tone levels for signal tracing and cable identification on all pairs, a selected pair, or a selected pin. The unit also enables quick identification of a network drops link capability and current link status. Net Prowler™ also tests the presence of PoE on the network drop and what class of PoE per IEEE 802.3 af/at with load test for voltage drop. These network tests can also be saved for record keeping and printing using the companion software application.

Packed together with different adapters in a hard-shell carrying case, the Net Prowler Pro Test Kit offers the professional installer a complete and versatile solution at a significantly reduced price than if each component was purchased separately.

The Net Prowler Pro Test Kit (p/n TNP850K1) includes:

  • Net Prowler Main Unit
  • #1-8 Network/Tel Test and ID Smart Remotes
  • #1-8 ID and Test Coax Remote Set
  • #1-12 ID-only Data Remote Set
  • Micro USB Cable
  • No-Fault Cable – (Qty 2)
  • RJ45 Port Saver
  • RJ45 Alligator 12 Inch
  • F Female to F Female Adapter F81 – (Qty 2)
  • BNC Female-to-F Female Adapter
  • BNC Female-to-F Male Adapter
  • Durable Plastic Case
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Activation Card

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