Hexagon Metrology unveiled PC-DMIS 2015, the newest version of its software for the collection, evaluation and management of measurement data. PC-DMIS is the flagship software package for Hexagon Metrology measurement devices and a range of other measurement equipment in the marketplace. This new release offers significant improvements for the inspection of point cloud data captured during scanning operations. Other enhancements have been developed for the tools, workflow and overall user experience.

In this updated release, many improvements have been made to enhance the user experience, including a redesigned execution timer that is more accurate and respects partial execution. Improved probe animation increases offline programming efficiency. A new QuickGD&T selection speeds measurement routine building by creating all necessary features, datum definitions and dimensions with a single click.

Point cloud tools have also been upgraded to provide a simulation of the scan stripe for DCC CMMs, ensuring full target area exposure. The meshing tool now allows real-time data meshing during the scanning process, dramatically speeding up reverse engineering projects. Also included in PC-DMIS 2015 is a new cross-section tool, which creates deviation annotations directly in the graphics display for quick reference as well as archive reporting.

Other product highlights include new and improved sheet metal inspection tools for AutoFeatures to boost accuracy and reliability for complex geometries. PC-DMIS 2015 also introduces a new measurement strategy for optical CMMs, which provides measure-as-you-go functionality for measuring features that are too large to fit in the “Live View” field-of-view. With the new strategy active, users simply generate alternate active and void targets with multiple, quick-and-easy mouse clicks, while ignoring areas of non-interest.


Hexagon Metrology