Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence announced today it has released its new HP-S-X1 series of compact probes for 3D coordinate measuring machine (CMM) tactile scanning. The HP-S-X1 product line features a new bearing system for better joint repeatability and accepts longer horizontal styli for improved flexibility. Operators do not need to change modules to tackle different measurement tasks, as the probes support stylus lengths of up to 225 mm. These durable probes can be used with most of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s wide range of scan-capable stationary CMMs.

HP-S-X1 probes feature small external dimensions and longer stylus lengths to measure surface features of complex parts, as well as bores or holes deep inside a workpiece, saving time during the inspection process. Magnetic interfaces allow for automated stylus changes on the CMM. The probe range supports all standard inspection modes including dynamic single-point contact measurement, self-centering measurement and continuous high-speed scanning for quick and precise data acquisition of various surface contours.

The HP-S-X1 range of tactile scanning probes includes the HP-S-X1C centrally-mounted version for high-stability in measurement. The HP-S-X1S and HP-S-X1H models offer the option to use an indexing probe head for better part accessibility. In the latest versions, the HP-S-X1C and HP-S-X1H models accept horizontal styli of up to 100 mm, while the HP-S-X1S can now take horizontal styli of up to 20 mm without changing modules. A standard interface allows all the probes to be used on Hexagon probe heads.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence