Cal Test Electronics introduces its new CT4200 series of passive voltage oscilloscope probes featuring compact 2.5 mm barrel size and bandwidths from 55 MHz to 1.5 GHz. The 8 model series includes 1x, 10x, 20x, and 100x attenuation ratios. Six models interface with oscilloscopes having 1 MΩ input impedances while two models require 50 Ω input impedances. These models are an excellent alternative to Keysight’s 2800 series oscilloscope probes, but will work with most modern oscilloscopes. The CT4200 series carries CE listing, including RoHS 2 compliance. The compact size provides easy and accurate probing of today’s high density circuits.

The CT4200 Series Features: 

  • Readout acuator
  • Snap-locking sprung hook
  • BNC and PCB tip adapters
  • IC tip insulators
  • 8 Color ID rings
  • Both fixed and spring-loaded tips, all easily replaceable
  • 3 grounding options: Spring, swivel, and traditional alligator clip lead

CalTest Electronics