Cal Test Electronics introduces the CT4432 High-Voltage Oscilloscope Probe. The CT4432 has a 10 kV maximum voltage input rating and is cTUVus listed.

The CT4432 High-Voltage Probe features:

    Bandwidth of 40 MHz 1 

    Up to 10 kV input (DC + ACpeak)

    cTUVus safety certified

    Improved dual-resistor design

    Attenuation factor of 1000x

    Compensation range of 5 pF - 50 pF

    Replaceable tips

    Insulated BNC connection

    Can be used with your DMM by employing BNC Converter CT3197B

    RoHS 2 Compliant

    Two-year warranty

Because an oscilloscope has limits to the input voltage it can accept, measuring higher voltages may sometimes require the use of an attenuating high-voltage probe. The CT4432, with an improved dual-resistor design, can accurately and safely step-down higher voltages to an acceptable level. It offers 1000x attenuation and features a compensation range of 5 pF to 50 pF for a wide range of oscilloscope capacitance matching. 

The CT4432 High-Voltage Oscilloscope Probe enables you to safely measure voltage levels up to 10 kV. With the Cal Test Electronics name and certification by cTUVus, you can be confident this test accessory is both reliable and safe. The CT4432 is covered by a two-year warranty.

This probe is compatible with oscilloscopes (of 1 MΩ input) from all major manufacturers.

The CT4432 High-Voltage Probe is ideal for:

    High-Voltage non-category rated measurements

    Lab environments

    Extended bandwidth measurements 1

1 Please note: Max voltage decreases as frequency increases

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