Cal Test Electronics is introducing three new active probes to its comprehensive offering of differential oscilloscope probes. The three new probes provide unique features so users can find just the right one for their measurement application.

Model CT4196, operating up to 60 MHz, features 3 attenuation settings, including 1x for high sensitivity measurements.

Models CT4197 and CT4198 are a complementary pair of 100 MHz differential probes, both featuring 3 attenuation settings. Model CT4197 features 10x/100x/1000x measuring up to 4,000 Vrms max while Model CT4198 features 20x/200x/2000x measuring to 8,000 Vrms max. These probes come in a rugged plastic tool case.

All three probes are attractively priced, meet IEC 61010-031 safety standard, and are supplied with a full complement of test accessories.

Cal Test Electronics