The CamPerform CP 70-1 by Optronis is a high-performance, high-speed camera for high end automation in the machine vision sector and 2D/3D AOI applications. With its compact construction, state-of-the-art power design and high degree of light sensitivity for such a small sensor, the CamPerform 70-1 is aimed mainly at users of high-speed 2D/3D measuring technology and in the factory automation sector.

The Optronis CamPerform 70-1 achieves speeds of up to 200,000 fps at the lowest resolution and 1000 fps at the maximum sensor resolution of 1280 x 1024. Often in industry-related applications, only image details or specific coordinates are required - for movement analysis, object recognition or position monitoring. For these purposes, the CP 70-1 with LUX1310 GlobalShutter CMOS sensor provides a particularly high degree of light sensitivity for a sensor size of 2/3rds of an inch and square pixel size of 6.6 µm. Even during operations, information which is valuable for processing the images is already filtered from the data by the integrated FPGA. As a result, the CamPerform 70-1 ensures image quality optimization while the images are created and is able to deliver the corresponding speeds at a higher resolution with a dynamic range of up to 12 bit A/D.

Depending on the application, the high-speed camera comes with either a monochrome or color sensor. DIN 1.0/2.3-compliant, 4-channel CoaXPress interfaces ensure connections are stable and high-performing.

The dimensions of the camera on an F-mount, for example, are 85 x 85 x 83.5mm (HxWxL). Combined with a sturdy, dust-proof housing, the CamPerform 70-1 provides the optimum solution for integration into rugged industrial applications. All Optronis CamPerform cameras are shockproof and vibration-proof in accordance with DIN EN 60721-3-2, offer GenICam™ standard compliance for easy integration, meet CE and RoHS standards and are EMVA 1288-certified.