Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science Americas, Inc. announces that its calibration laboratory received the acclaimed American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) for their Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES) product line.  Calibration laboratories that receive the A2LA accreditation are held to the highest standards published by the Organization for Standardization (ISO) meaning that they meet requirements for Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories covered under ISO 17025.  Hitachi High-Tech’s calibration laboratory is currently the only manufacturer of OES equipment to hold an A2LA qualification within the United States.

Hitachi High-Tech  is proud to receive this accreditation because A2LA is recognized as the main industry standard for testing and calibration laboratories.  Being A2LA compliant confirms the reliability and accuracy of tests performed within our laboratory and it serves as a quality management system by providing strict guidelines for the laboratory to follow.

This recent A2LA certification for OES instrumentation was strategically sought to strengthen and expand on the Hitachi High-Tech’s calibration laboratory located in Concord, MA.  This accreditation compliments their existing A2LA accreditation for X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) coating thickness instruments where they have been compliant with A2LA since 2013. 

Hitachi High-Tech’s recent move to obtain a supplemental accreditation is also significant because in 2015 Hitachi High-Tech (formerly Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis) restructured to bring all service of the OES products they manufactured in-house.  This approach was deliberate to directly influence and foster an improved customer experience.  This restructure brought a significant addition to the U.S. based facility through increased personnel with years of OES expertise to the Concord laboratory enabling Hitachi High-Tech to better listen to, and fulfill customer’s needs.  

The Hitachi High-Tech service and calibration laboratory is committed to continuous improvement and pursuing technologies to keep up with leading-edge industrial applications therefore we pledge to ensure that our laboratory capabilities are held to the highest of standards in order to provide customers with more options for re-certification, re-calibration and service repairs that are geared toward optimal business performance.

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