Industrial QA/QC technicians, instructors and university researchers seeking robust UV-Visible spectrophotometers that are accessible, automated and network-ready can now choose from a flexible range of options with the newly designed Thermo Scientific GENESYS UV-Vis spectrophotometer family.

The Thermo Scientific GENESYS 50 UV-Vis spectrophotometer features a simplified user interface and a high-resolution, color touchscreen. The rugged exterior, built for repetitive and heavy use environments, is designed with sloping surfaces to shed spills. The GENESYS 50 spectrophotometer has a single cell configuration for low sample throughput needs, with a removable, washable sampling compartment for easy clean up. 

The Thermo Scientific GENESYS 150 UV-Vis spectrophotometer includes the same features as the GENESYS 50 spectrophotometer and provides automation for high-throughput options and room-light resistance, allowing lid-open operation designed for improved speed and convenience over previous generation instruments. 

The Thermo Scientific GENESYS 180 UV-Vis spectrophotometer includes all the capabilities of the GENESYS 150 spectrophotometer. It also includes an 8-cell changer for higher throughput environments and double-beam capability for advanced experiments with a changing reference. 

The Thermo Scientific BioMate 160 UV-Vis spectrophotometer also includes all the benefits of the GENESYS 150 spectrophotometer and adds pre-programmed methods to help life science researchers obtain their answers quickly. 

A new line of accessories, including automated cell changers, a Peltier thermostatted cell holder, a disposable microcell holder, a sipper and fiber optic probes, is designed to simplify sampling and accommodate high throughput and temperature control needs. (Accessory options vary by model.)

With a modern design and compact footprint, the new instruments are designed to take maximum advantage of limited bench space. Other features include powerful onboard controls and an easy-to-use touchscreen interface, eliminating the need for an external computer. Additionally, users can create a printed record of their data via an optional snap-on thermal printer or a network printer using Ethernet or optional Wi-Fi.

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