Mark-10 introduces their all-new G1105 Cork Extraction Fixture, designed for measuring the pull-out force of a cork stopper from a bottle. By measuring the extraction force, bottlers can ensure a satisfying customer experience, while maintaining the freshness of the contents.

G1105 conforms to the requirements of ISO 9727 and accommodates a variety of bottle sizes up to 1.5 L. It is compatible with natural and synthetic corks. Typically mounted to a motorized test stand and force gauge, the fixture is compact, easy-to-use, and incorporates Delrin surfaces, preventing marring or breaking the bottle during use.

Mark-10 force measurement systems capture peak forces and identify pass/fail conditions. For a closer look at the cork’s behavior during extraction, Mark-10’s MESUR®gauge Plus software collects, plots, and analyzes force vs. deflection data. It provides reporting and export capabilities for further analysis.

G1105 joins Mark-10’s comprehensive family of force and torque measurement products, with application-specific solutions in virtually every industry, including packaging, medical device, automotive, aerospace, and many others. Mark-10 products are engineered, manufactured, and supported in an integrated facility in New York, and are covered by a 3-year warranty.


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