The Inspekto S70 offers powerful quality assurance capabilities in a small, versatile and practical package. Suitable for any handling method, product type and material, the S70 is up to the job, no matter what the visual QA task.

The S70 system can be installed in 30 to 60 minutes, 1,000 times quicker than a traditional machine vision solution and at ten per cent of the cost. This out-of-the-box system offers a simple, intuitive user interface designed to be installed directly by the shop-floor employee. This means that no systems integrator is required at any step of the short set up process, and at any time later. The S70’s high affordability and ease of deployment enable manufacturing plants to install it at any point on a production line, and even move it from one line to another, at any time in the future, within minutes.

A German company with Israeli DNA, Inspekto is supported by leading industrial businesses from across the DACH region. During beta stage, the company installed its system in the plants of leading industrial manufacturers, in countries including Germany, Italy, France and Austria. The S70 will deliver market changing benefits to manufacturers with a yearly total available market exceeding $30 billion.



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