Pepperl+Fuchs introduced the new UCC*-50GK series ultrasonic sensor. Only two sensor ver-sions are required for covering a wide range of applications. Intended for distance measurement, the UCC*-50GK uses ultrasonic pulses to measure the distance to the target and reports information through one of three sensor outputs. Versatile configuration options make the sensor incredibly adaptable.

The UCC*-50GK ultrasonic sensor can be integrated into an application without a PLC and is easily incorporated into an existing engineering environment via UART, LIN-Bus, or PWM. UCC*-50GK is also equipped with a power save mode and optimized for battery operation, so it is ready-made for wireless communication where longer operation times are essential.

The versatility of the UCC*-50GK is one of its best features. A compact threaded housing de-sign allows the UCC*-50GK to be easily mounted in confined containers, and the sensor’s pre-stored sound profiles enable the user to choose a beam width that is ideal for the restricted space. Three unique beam patterns and a sensing range of up to 4 m give users the flexibility to adapt to every possible space constraint. What’s more, a power save mode and standby function make op-erating times even longer. The sensors are also suitable for solar- and battery-powered systems.


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