Gleason Metrology Systems’ A2LA Accredited Gear Calibration Laboratory has added ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation and invested in new metrology equipment to expand the scope of its gear calibration services.

Gleason Metrology Systems’ Gear Calibration Lab now features an enhanced quality system and ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation, lower measure measurement uncertainties, and more comprehensive A2LA accredited calibration services with the addition of the latest Gleason 300GMSL Gear Measuring System and GAMA 3.2 analytics software.

The 300GMSL gear measurement system, utilizing our proven accuracy enhancement technologies to provide the highest degree of accurate gear and spline calibration, is now commissioned to provided accredited calibration of new parameters and ranges including diameters of plain cylinders and rings, dimension over/under balls, and tooth thickness, on gears and splines diameters up to 300 mm.

Additionally, the lab provides length measuring capabilities, reduced length measurement uncertainties for diameter, dimension over/under pins as well as calibrate sphere roundness for precision spheres including diameter and roundness up to 25 mm diameter spheres.

With the addition of these new services, expedited calibrations can now be provided in less than seven days on request. Services include the supply of new master storage cases and a wealth of non-accredited contract services for gears, splines, and spiral bevels up to 400 mm diameter.

Gleason Metrology Systems can also provide A2LA Accredited on-site calibration of analytical gear and spline measurements regarding gear involute and helix.

Gleason Metrology Systems A2LA Accredited Calibration Laboratory’s complete list of scope of accreditation:

• A2LA accredited field calibration of analytical gear and spline measurement (involute, helix)
• Outside diameter: plain cylinders and gear/spline, up to 300 mm diameter
• Inside diameter: plain rings and gear/spline, 20 to 300 mm diameter
• Precision sphere diameter and roundness, 0.5 to 25 mm sphere diameter
• Dimension over pins/balls, up to 300 mm diameter
• Dimension between pins/balls, 20 to 300 mm
• Tooth thickness of external/internal involute gear/spline, up to 10 mm tooth size
• Involute curve of external/internal gear/spline, 5 to 356 mm
• Helix of external/internal gear/spline, 0 to 42 deg and 5 to 250 mm
• Eccentricity/concentricity of slow taper and LeCount Arbors, up to 125mm
• Pitchline runout, reference artifact, gear, or spline, up to 250 mm
• Single pitch, reference artifact, gear, or spline, up to 250 mm
• Cumulative pitch (index), reference artifact, gear, or spline, up to 250 mm

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